New BMW X2 Hybrid

2020 plug-in hybrid version of the sleek X2 crossover SUV

The arrival of the X2 xDrive 25e brings the number of BMW SUV hybrids up to four, from the larger X5 and X3 hybrid models to the recently announced X1 xDrive 25e (the X2’s close relation). Thanks to the combination of electric and petrol power, performance is exhilarating while fuel efficiency is outstanding, especially for shorter journeys where the electric mode offers zero-emission motoring.

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In technology, performance and safety there’s little difference between the X1 and X2, so if you’re inclined to the latter it’s probably because you’re looking for something with an extra touch of style. The design of the X2 combines elements of SUV and hot hatch for a look that’s sleek and sporty, but there’s still room inside for four plus luggage, with all the inherent versatility of the hatchback layout. Recent design updates include larger grille, complementing the X2’s tapering coupé profile, slim glasshouse and swept-back headlights. The revised rear features LED lights and a sculpted bumper. Only the ‘e’ in the xDrive 25e badge and an additional flap for the plug-in socket distinguishes it as a hybrid.


Like the X1 hybrid, the X2 xDrive 25e features two power sources. Up front there’s a three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine that develops 125hp with 220Nm of torque, whilst at the rear there’s an electric motor that produces 95hp and 165Nm. The latter can power the X2 in EV mode for up to 35 miles; when combined the two powerplants will accelerate the X2 xDrive 25e from 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than the X1 equivalent. Fuel economy is journey dependent – keep in EV mode for journeys of less than 30 miles and you’ll use no petrol at all, but the official figure is likely to be close to that of the X1 xDrive 25e at around 135mpg. With a BMW iWallbox, the 10kWh battery can charge from zero to 100% capacity in 3.2 hours.


Trim levels and equipment for the X2 hybrid models closely follow those of the petrol and diesel models, so it comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, 2-zone automatic air conditioning as well as sports seats and LED headlights as standard. Trim levels include Sport Line, xLine and M Sport, and the standard 8.8-inch touchscreen features BMW Navigation with Real Time Traffic Information. The eDrive controller is unique to the hybrid and offers Auto eDrive, MAX eDrive for full EV mode and Save Battery mode. Depending on specification, further options include a 10.25-inch touchscreen upgrade and a 5.7-inch Black Panel instrument cluster.


The X2 xDrive25e comes with forward vehicle collision warning, city collision mitigation, brake preconditioning and speed limit information as standard. For silent driving in EV mode, it also features acoustic pedestrian protection as standard. When driving electrically at speeds of up to 19 mph, a unique sound designed specifically for electrified BMW models alerts cyclists and pedestrians to the approaching car (without being too intrusive for the vehicle’s occupants).


You want the higher driving position of a compact SUV but don’t need acres of space in the back. You’d like something sporty but have friends and family to drive around from time to time. You enjoy performance but want to make a positive statement about emissions. Most of your journeys are short, but you still need a fast, relaxing and rewarding car to drive on longer journeys. If that describes you, then perfection might just be waiting for you at your BMW showroom in the form of the X2 xDrive 25e.

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