a legend fit for the king of rock 'n' roll

The legendary BMW 507 once owned by the King of pop himself, Elvis Presley, is being meticulously restored after being unearthed following many long years of searching.

Arriving battered and badly rust-scarred, the 507 first went on display in the BMW Museum as part of the special exhibition entitled “Elvis’ BMW 507: Lost and found.” Its poor condition came as a shock to both spectators and restoration specialists alike, given the legendary history attached to the car.

The first stage was to take the 507 apart and assess what was salvageable, before beginning to strip the paint and repair the damage to the body. Under the bonnet was yet another shocking find; in place of the original V8 engine, a larger Chevrolet engine had been placed inside at the cost of some of the underbody, which had been cut away to accommodate the bigger engine.

Paint was then removed in chemical baths, before rust was removed in another solution. A special coating was also applied to prevent future rust damage, and the parts are ready to receive their shiny new paint coverings. While this was going on, a new V8 engine was being made from scratch to the original 507 specification, which included making some parts by hand.

With a new engine and freshly cleaned body parts, the 507 was almost looking like its original self again, and after paint-coating the cavities to protect from rust and erosion, a brand new coat of paint went on. Every effort was made to ensure the car stayed true to its original roots, from mixing the feather-white paint from an exact original specification to painting according to classic methods. While not yet fully assembled, the result so far is clearly perfection worthy of Elvis himself, as can be seen in the full documentation of the restoration on the BMW Group Classic website.

This particular classic supercar has certainly been through a lot in its long history, but with professional care and attention the BMW restoration team have proved that no car is beyond rescue. Find out for yourself by exploring our beautiful range of used cars at Lancaster BMW Milton Keynes, all of approved and assured quality.