BMW dial-up on the digital front

Harald Krüger replaced Norbert Reithofer as BMWs CRO this May and he is already turning BMW more towards the digital world, enhancing the Bavarian company’s brand appeal.

With digital at the forefront of BMW business under new leadership, improved connectivity and even autonomous driving ‘will weave itself into all of our next architectures’, said Ian Robertson, Head of BMW Sales and Marketing.

When speaking in Frankfurt earlier this year, Robertson emphasised how ‘The big catalyst of change is now the digital environment’, explaining how ‘From customer behaviour into the retail environment, we will step it up’, so we will be seeing digital leaps and bounds from BMW in the near future, it seems.

We can expect to see ‘this external world of digitisation and how that plays out in the vehicle and what the vehicle becomes capable of – elements such as artificial intelligence’.

With aims to stay ahead of the curve as the automotive industry and information technology converge, BMW will have to produce high quality technological innovations to impress the market – but it seems this is not a far cry away from where they currently sit, with Robertson describing the number of lines of computer code in the redesigned 7 Series saloon as ‘mind-blowing’.

The brand’s flagship vehicle and the greatest car ever built by BMW boasts some of the highest-tech available in the automotive industry right now, with autonomous driving features and self-parking systems for starters.

Maybe improvements in the digital world and smartphone enhancements will make it easier to update cars with the latest technology and simplify features, but we shall have to wait and see the great heights that Harald Krüger and BMW can reach.

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