bmw i3 with range extender

BMW’s pioneering all-electric i3 has enhanced its offering, with the BMW i3 with Range Extender now available as part of the model line-up.

Project i, who created both the i3 and hybrid i8, has been focusing its efforts on allowing the i3 to add to its 99-mile range, and the BMW i3 with Range Extender does exactly that. By fitting a two-cylinder engine to the all-electric powertrain of the i3, any range concerns are quashed, with this on-board petrol-powered generator able to stop the batteries from running flat. When battery power is depleted, the generator kick-starts to ensure that you can continue your journey.

This engine does mean that the i3 with Range Extender weighs 1,315kg, slightly more than the pure electric i3, but still less than competitors, thanks to its carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction, hollow driveshafts, lightweight cabin fittings, a honeycomb windscreen wiper, and forget aluminium suspension and wheels. Its increased range is unrivalled too, for a primarily battery-powered, compact city car that’s just as at home cruising on the motorway.

The rear wheels, driven by an electric motor with 168bhp output, reach speeds of up to 93mph – experience strong performance, low running costs, a well-finished cabin and agile handling.

The revolutionary BMW i3 with Range Extender has been designed to offer low emission motoring with the ability to go further. Intrigued? Contact Lancaster BMW Milton Keynes for further information.