BMW ConnectedDrive links to IFTTT

BMW Labs allows you to experiment with new ConnectedDrive services that are currently under development. The new BMW Labs Widget enables interaction with more than 250 products and services using IFTTT, a service that is free to use that links together hundreds of web applications and intelligent devices.

By activating the BMW Labs Channel on IFTTT, then selecting the BMW Labs Widget under BMW Online Widgets in the split screen of your car’s control display, you can access it all - but what are these products and services, exactly?

By creating statements or ‘Recipes’, which allow users to combine triggers and associated actions, you can select your service (Twitter, Facebook, email, Google Drive, SMS…) and connect with intelligent smart-home devices to produce outcomes. Devices include Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest and Netatmo.

An example of this working would be if you approached your home in your BMW, a ‘Recipe’ in action could make the lights turn on, the garage door open and the house’s heating to activate. Or if you park your BMW somewhere new, you can store its location on Google Maps so that you can easily find it when you return.

As the world’s first automotive manufacturer to offer access to these kinds of individualised functions through the IFTTT service, the BMW Group is leading a whole new technological movement. Activate the BMW Labs Channel on the IFTTT website and start creating your own portfolio of ‘Recipes’.