Electrifying news from BMW

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW has presented two new plug-in hybrid models: the 330e and the 225xe. They join the ever-growing line-up of electrified BMW vehicles, and act as previews for one of the key powertrains planned for the X1 and the upcoming X2.

The 225xe has a 1.5-litre petrol engine powering the front wheels, while the rear wheels are driven by an electric motor. This on-demand all-wheel drive gives the 225xe the ability to race from 0-60mph in around 6.6 seconds – and it emits from just 46g/km CO2. It can drive on pure electric power at up to 77mph, with a range of as much as 25 miles.

The new 330e is the cleanest in the 3 Series, emitting just 44g/km of CO2. Performance remains strong, with the model completing the benchmark sprint in around six seconds and racing to a top speed of 140mph. However, in contrast to the 225xe, the 330e is a dedicated rear-wheel drive car that uses battery power as the default up to speeds of 50mph. There is also the option to run on petrol alone in order to conserve battery power.

BMW’s increasingly electrified range reaffirms the place of battery power in modern motoring, with powerful, refined and clean vehicles no longer a distant dream. Find out more about new BMW electric vehicles at Lancaster BMW in Milton Keynes.

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