The future of the BMW Group comprising the innovation areas of Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES). Combined with ground-breaking design for visual expression. In 2018, the BMW Vision iNEXT showcased the modular system’s potential for EASE mode. And now the BMW Vision M NEXT highlights how D+ACES is able to enhance the pleasure of sporty driving as well. The BMW M design team created the sports car of the future with low-slung, almost wedge-shaped silhouette, gullwing doors and colour scheme. The BMW Vision M NEXT exudes a powerful character with its sporty proportions and the presence with just a few, crisp lines. The use of confident, vivid colour blocking featuring the matt, highly pigmented shade Thrilling Orange forms a striking contrast to the silk matt paint finish in Cast Silver metallic and brings out even more of the car’s inherent dynamism.


The front of the Vision M NEXT immediately catches the eye. The kidney grill has Thrilling Orange triangular elements either side accentuating the air intakes next to the integral headlights. The colour gradient inside the grill gives the impression of depth when in fact it is blanked off by transparent layers with an illuminated laser etched pattern. The BMW Vision BOOST headlights incorporate Laser Wire technology where glass fibres are used to produce a new, slim and precise interpretation of BMW’s signature 4-eyed front end.


The Vision M NEXT has an innate sense of surging forward with the use of bold lines and orange shading. The black skirts are made from recycled carbon, give the impression of the cra sitting even lower on the road while emphasising its sporty proportions. The opening in front of the rear wheels carefully channels the air towards the rear to further improve dynamic performance. Precisely engineered gaps in the wheels’ 3-D multi-spoke design result in low eight, maximum rigidity and reduced air resistance, optimising the transfer of power to the road. Their open architecture maximises thermal cooling for the large brake discs.


The precise rear light also incorporate Laser Wire technology to draw a stylised ECG heartbeat trace. The twin roundel badge form parts of the lens of the era lights, appearing to float freely in the vehicle’s rear.