Self-learning system: the Companion.

Resembling a large polished gemstone in the centre of the instrument panel beneath the front windscreen, the Companion provides intuitive and subtle assistance in every driving situation, symbolising a new intelligent communication between human and car. Perfect connectivity between you and your surroundings enables the Companion to provide the right recommendations to meet personal mobility preferences, both on the road and outside. In this way, every trip is a personalised and emotionally rewarding experience.

Revolutionary materials: Alive Geometry.

Alive Geometry is a mosaic of 800 sensor-activated triangles that form a dynamic analogue display, spanning the entire surface of the dashboard. These triangles alert you to potential dangers ahead, generating dynamic patterns, by moving and turning red in response to other road users or objects in the vehicle's vicinity. This revolutionary form of preconscious communication all takes place on the dashboard in your peripheral vision, which means Alive Geometry does not deflect attention from your field of primary vision – the road ahead.

The driving experience: Boost or Ease.

In fully autonomous Ease Mode, the Companion takes over all driving duties. It provides constant route, road condition and performance updates along the way, ensuring you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. In Boost Mode, everything revolves around driving performance. That’s why the Head-up Display shows ideal driving lines and braking, steering and acceleration points directly in your field of vision.

Dynamic wheel arches.

Continuing the geometric theme, enclosed wheel arches are made up of hundreds of tiny adjustable triangles that move together to transition with the wheel as the car turns seamlessly. This ensures that the wheel arches are always enclosed and as aerodynamic as possible.