Replacement tyres explained

A new labelling system was added to tyres in the United Kingdom in November 2012. This new classification system identifies the effectiveness of tyres by aligning them into three categories: fuel efficiency, exterior noise emissions, and wet braking. The new levels closely resemble those used to classify household appliances and enable drivers to quickly and simply check the rating of each tyre.


However you choose to drive, your selection of tyres will have a critical impact on the smooth running of your BMW. The new labelling system rates your tyre using an A-to-G scale, where A-grade tyres are capable of reducing your vehicle’s consumption by up to 7.5 percent when compared to their G-grade equivalents.

Wet braking performance

When conditions on the road are wet, braking and stopping distances are all increased. As such, motorists need to change usual driving habits to ensure safety on the road. A full set of A-grade tyres can reduce the stopping distance of your BMW by 18 metres when travelling at 50mph.

Exterior noise emissions

The new labels also display the noise levels of each tyre in decibels. Outside noise can be extremely distracting for drivers, but with specialist tyres fitted to your BMW, you’ll enjoy a quieter motoring experience which won’t affect your car’s impressive performance.

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