Be inspired by our colleagues who volunteer their time to help others

Volunteering and giving back to the local community is something close to our hearts here at JMG. As part of our extensive Benefits programme, we give all our colleagues two volunteering days per year to support a registered UK charity of their choice. We encourage colleagues to make the most of these days to support their local community and those who need it most, while teams across all our sites and departments regularly come together to take part in fundraising and other activities.

Here’s just a small glimpse at how our colleagues use their volunteering days to help others:

Benny Double, Technician at Mercedes-Benz Colchester, volunteers as a Community First Responder (CFR) for the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST). Responding to category one and two 999 calls, Benny looks after patients and helps to stabilise them until the ambulance crew arrives.

"To become a CFR, I completed a five-day training course," said Benny. "I used my two paid volunteering days to do the course, which was really useful as it meant I used less annual leave and could save my holiday for other things. I’m passionate about helping in the community and my long-term goal is to become a paramedic."​

Benny Double
Paul Shorrock

Paul Shorrock, Diagnostic Technician at Liverpool Audi, started volunteering for the Southport Lifeboat 15 years ago and has since progressed through the crew levels to coxswain. Also responsible for maintenance and repairs, Paul uses his volunteering days to service the lifeboats and keep up with training.

Paul added: "Volunteering for a rescue organisation can be a strain on home life (especially in the summer months) and does come with an element of danger, but it’s also extremely rewarding and brings a lot of satisfaction."

Amber Andrews, Digital Marketing Manager, recently used her volunteering days to help a young woman and her daughter leave a domestic violence situation and live more independently, through her work with Project 229.

"It was a really rewarding experience," said Amber. "The days I spent with her were really meaningful; it was exhausting but I learnt a lot from the process. You never know when you might need to help someone in a similar situation and I now have the skills and knowledge to offer support."

Amber Andrews
Some of the Jardine Mercedes-Benz team

The Jardine Mercedes-Benz team, including all General Managers and Brand Director, Darren Jennings, spent the day at Essex-based Farleigh Hospice, offering their support and assisting with maintenance tasks around the site.

"It was a hugely rewarding day for everyone involved, and a pleasure to do our bit for the amazing Farleigh Hospice volunteers, nurses and specialists who work so hard every day to bring care, life, and comfort to countless people across the local community," Ben Fortenbacher, Marketing Manager for Jardine Mercedes-Benz, added.