Jardine Motors Group partners with Engineius to enhance customer experience

Jardine Motors Group has announced its partnership with tech-enabled vehicle movement service Engineius to further enhance customer experiences. An early adopter of the solution, the Group continues to transform and innovate to ensure a premium service.

By partnering with Engineius, Jardine Motors Group enables its customers and colleagues a high level of visibility and control when it comes to vehicle movement. With the solution, customers receive regular communication at every step of their vehicle’s journey, including photos, and are able to track the delivery in real time. Customers are also empowered to take control of their delivery, using the booking system to pick a time and date that is convenient for them.

What’s more, customers can note any bespoke requirements, tailoring the process to their unique preferences and needs. In the same breath, Engineius allows Jardine Motors Group colleagues to easily oversee all live deliveries and monitor progress in one place, for a more efficient service.

As well as providing customers with a premium experience, the partnership supports the Group’s commitment to sustainability as an eco-friendlier solution to vehicle movement. Passionate about minimising its impact on the environment, Jardine Motors Group works to ensure a sustainable way of working with areas of focus on reducing its carbon footprint and road fuel consumption.

Engineius works with climate neutral expert, Climate Partner, to offset its corporate carbon footprint whilst contributing to projects such as bamboo afforestation efforts in Nicaragua. It also aims to reduce operational emissions by minimising unnecessary extra miles carried out by drivers with smarter and more eco-friendly journey planning. 

​“As a premium luxury retailer, our customers expect a seamless experience at every step of their journey with us,” says Andy Wady, Brand Director at Jardine Motors Group. “Combine this with our reputation as industry leaders, we’re always working to stay one step ahead of consumer expectations. You can now order anything from food to medication online and track delivery in real-time – this is becoming the standard and the automotive industry is no exception.

“This is why we’ve partnered with Engineius; to give customers full transparency and control over their vehicle movement requirements, whilst also giving our colleagues the best tools to provide an exceptional customer experience. Ultimately, we want to make vehicle movement a seamless experience for our customers and position Jardine Motors Group as the dealer of choice: working with Engineius helps us to achieve this.”

Calum Slowther, Managing Director of Engineius, adds: “Our partnership with Jardine Motors Group has proven to be a fantastic case study as to why Engineius was created. We set out to take the headache of vehicle movement away from large, complex organisations just like Jardine Motors Group so they can focus on their core business. 

“We are incredibly grateful to Andy and many others at Jardine for giving us a vote of confidence early in our journey. We’re just getting started and look forward to growing with Jardine Motors Group for many more years to come.”