Jardine Motors helps customers embrace electric with Zoom EV partnership

With demand for alternative-fuel vehicles (both electric and plug-in hybrids) steadily rising and more manufacturers expanding their ranges to give consumers greater choice, Jardine Motors Group has partnered with Zoom EV to offer an EV Bundle which provides customers with access to the essential services they need to run their electric car and generate savings.

Customers purchasing an electric vehicle from the range of 14 premium brands which Jardine Motors represents, will receive a 12 month Jardine Zoom EV Bundle which will give them access to offers, discounted subscriptions and aftercare support across public charging networks, home charging solutions, EV home energy solutions and nationwide parking (with charging infrastructure available).

The Jardine Zoom EV Bundle includes:

  • Public Charging
    Customers will have access and preferential rates to thousands of charging points nationwide from market leading networks such as BP Pulse, Osprey and Plugsurfing
  • Home Charging
    Customers can choose between two market-leading, smart home charging units from BP Pulse or EO, which will enable them to monitor their usage and set up off peak charging, with Zoom specific rates available.
  • EV Energy Tariffs
    Customers can power their EV for free with SSE’s Fix and Drive tariff, which provides renewable energy and gives customers up to 8,000 miles per year.
  • Nationwide Parking
    20% off pre-booked parking across UK Q-Park locations (where charging points are available).
  • Accident Management
    24/7 Accident aftercare support and access to replacement electric vehicle and approved repair centre.

“In-line with sector statistics, we are seeing an increase in interest from customers looking to switch to electric vehicles, but there are a number of barriers in place which is hindering the pace of adoption," says Matt Wrigley, Marketing & Innovations Director for Jardine Motors Group.

“Coupled with this, we’re observing that the buying process for an EV can be much longer as the customer can spend more time in the research and consideration phases compared to when they purchase a combustion engine car. And that’s not surprising as there is so much more to consider, from whether an EV works for their lifestyle through to practical issues such as how they actually charge the car and whether the charging solution they invest in is suitable should they change the brand of EV car in the future.

“This is why we’ve partnered with Zoom EV to give customers access to these essential services and helping them transition to an electric vehicle and providing an exceptional customer journey. Along with the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle customers are supported by an internal network of ‘Bright Sparks’; a team of trained EV experts in our business working across the brands we represent, to answer customers’ questions and give them specialist advice or guidance on where to access useful information such as grant schemes and incentives and cost savings calculators. Ultimately, we want to make owning an electric vehicle a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for our customers and position Jardine Motors as the dealer of choice; working with Zoom helps us achieve this”.

Greg Fairbotham, Zoom’s Founder and CEO adds: “The journey of transitioning to an electric vehicle can be daunting. Customers want to understand where they can charge and park when they’re on the move and then when they’re at home. We designed our bundle to address these key questions and provide an easy and seamless journey whilst also adding value to customers by offering Zoom specific rates that they can’t get anywhere else”.

To find out more about support available as well as to browse the range of EV models on offer, please visit our Jardine Electric website.