Electric Vehicles - How we are preparing across the Group

With manufactures producing more and more electric vehicles, and consumer demand rising all of the time, it is hugely important that we all - as an industry and as a country - have the right infrastructure in place to ensure that these work in our every day lives. 

Generally across the whole of the country, there has been a significant investment into charging facilities, although these do vary in speed, accessibility and location. Some parts of the country, Milton Keynes for example, have benefited hugely from this investment, whilst others have not shared the same experience.

At Jardine Motors, we understand the importance of ensuring that all areas of our business are effectively prepared for the growing introduction of electric vehicles now, as well as in the future as needs and demands change. Over the last few years, we have invested approximately £2.5m​ into electrical infrastructure, which includes every part of the customer journey, from parking outside our dealerships to the service bays and workshop areas.

Property Director Stephen Pettyfer details further information about this investment and why we are so determined and focused to keep evolving our offering for our customers.

Whilst we know that this investment is only the start, there are plans to continually review our ways of working so that every single electric vehicle owner has the same seamless experience as a customer who owns a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle.