Life the life you want and never hide who you are

After waiting years to come out, Lesley Hunt, Dealership Coordinator at JMG, shares the moment her daughter told her she was a lesbian and the journey that's followed.

​I remember the day very clearly back in 2008 as we were at a golf club dinner when my daughter Clare came out to me. I was a little shocked at first as I didn’t really have a clue. There were no signals to suggest Clare was lesbian as she had always lived with men.

The saddest part was that she told me she had been waiting years to say something but had been too afraid to come out when her dad was alive for fear of what he would say. (I had lost by husband in 2007).

However after the ‘dinner moment’ I met a few of her wonderful girlfriends as she started dated women. Then three years ago my daughter married her soul mate, Kayleigh. It was such a happy moment. I love my daughter for who she is and now I have the most fabulous daughter-in-law as well. In fact, we’re a really close family and when I remarried a few years ago, my daughter-in-law was my husband’s best man. 

As a parent, I just want my child to be happy and sexual orientation does not come into it. It’s just a shame Clare didn’t feel she could come out earlier. I don’t think people should hide who they are; just be proud of being you, and as a mum, I’m super proud of both Clare and Kayleigh for living the life they want.

Lesley's wedding to husband Mike, with Clare and Kayleigh