INEOS Fusilier Rugged new 4x4 to be available in all-electric and range extender guise. INEOS Automotive is a newcomer to the car manufacturing industry, but they’ve already shown they mean business with the well-received Grenadier, a rugged 4x4 powered by petrol or diesel engines and available as both a station wagon and pick-up. Now here’s the first preview of a second model line; the Fusilier bears a strong resemblance to the Grenadier but is slightly smaller and crucially, will only be available in all-electric or electric range extender versions. A greener way to go green-laning?


The new Fusilier is everything you’d want in a sturdy, rugged off-roader – it’s boxy with flat sides, short overhangs for off-road manoeuvres and a split tailgate for practicality. From a distance you’d take it for a Grenadier – it’s only on closer inspection that you notice it’s both shorter and lower than its big brother. The family resemblance continues with the round LED headlights and taillights, and as you’d expect there are plenty of typical off-roader details like roof rails and chunky sills and door handles. Unlike the Grenadier the Fusilier will be powered by electric motors so the construction is based on an EV-oriented skateboard architecture with a steel top hat and underbody, and aluminium doors and closures.


Two Fusilier models will be offered, but in both cases all four wheels are powered by electric motors, one per axle. The pure electric-only model will have a skateboard battery in the floorpan with, it’s claimed, a total range of around 249 miles. Acknowledging that it can be hard to find charging when you’re exploring off the beaten track, INEOS has also revealed that there will be a range extender model. This model will have a small petrol engine to act at a generator for the battery, and it’s thought the REx will be able to travel around 168 miles in EV mode before the generator kicks in. Even then, the constant speed petrol engine will be capable of delivering lower CO2 emissions – around 20-30% of the CO2 of a conventional ICE model. Whichever model you choose, INEOS claim you will be able to rely on outstanding off-road performance, close to that of the ladder-frame, combustion-engined Grenadier. There will be another significant difference – the Grenadier’s recirculating-ball steering, which is optimised for off-road driving – will be replaced by rack-and-pinion, for improved on-road behaviour.


No details are available yet about the technology offered with the Fusilier, though it is believed it will have a larger digital instrument cluster and infotainment touchscreen than the Grenadier. Like the Grenadier, the Fusilier will doubtless offer Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Pathfinder Off-Road Navigation.


No safety specifications have been released yet but if it follows the Grenadier, you could expect features like front, side and curtain airbags, stability and traction control, Trailer Stability Assist and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Certain safety systems, like lane assist, are not helpful in an off-road vehicle and this is one reason why the current Grenadier has not so far been tested by EuroNCAP.
INEOS only revealed the preview of the Fusilier in February 2024, and full production is a way off yet. But order books will be open later this year and we’re predicting than the Fusilier will find an enthusiastic audience among people looking for rugged 4x4 looks and practicality combined with zero or ultra-low emissions from an all-electric powertrain. To discover more about this new game-changing 4x4 EV, get in touch with our sales team. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST
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