Bodycare Premium Protection

Whilst your car manufacturer paint warranty will cover you against corrosion and manufacturing paint defects, it will not protect against everyday environmental damage. This is where BodyCare, a professionally applied nano ceramic coating, comes in, providing you with a guarantee against paint fading , road salts, insect fluids, tree saps, bird droppings, acid rain and other atmospheric pollutants

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  • Maintain the showroom look of your vehicle, inside and out
  • Increase the resale value of your car
  • Protect your investment
  • Lifetime guarantee on paintwork
  • Lifetime guarantee on fabric and carpets
  • No need to polish your car for up to three years.


BodyCare represents a number of processes designed to protect your vehicle from the effects of everyday pollution.

Paint Care: A hard, high-gloss protective skin that defends against road salts, acid rain, industrial pollution, tree sap, and insect fluid, Paint Care all but eliminates nitrate etching caused by bird droppings as well as fading from UV light. Just apply the concentrated shampoo supplied in the After Care Park, and there will be no need to polish your vehicle for three years.

Fabric Care: With spilled drinks, daily wear, and bad weather, ensuring your upholstery stays clear from staining isn't easy. Once applied, Fabric Care provides an invisible coating that means any spillages can be wiped clean without staining.

Carpet Care: Often vacuuming isn't enough to keep your car carpets clean. Carpet Care seals the base and surface fibre to prevent liquids soaking into the carpets, meaning that dirt and grime can be removed easily.

Leather Care: Designed to preserve the flexibility of leather surfaces, Leather Care prevents the drying and cracking of leather, and should be applied at regular intervals to maintain quality. Leather Care is provided as part of the After Care Pack.

After Care Pack: The After Care Pack contains a bottle of shampoo, quality cloth and Leather Care, and can be upgraded to BodyCare Premium for an enhanced selection of products.

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Bodycare Premium Protection Pack

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