Maserati Owner App

A luxury digital experience for Maserati owners

Your Maserati Owner app combines the rich heritage of Maserati with the ease of modern technology. As an exclusive journey, it immerses you in your vehicle’s unconquerable touring spirit. As an aide to your busy lifestyle, it allows you to manage the practical side of ownership from your iOS device. And it will automatically update as, with your input, we shape new features for the future.

  • Journey deeper into the world of Maserati. History, quality and passion are brought to life through insider editorials and interactive experiences. From racing victories to luxury fabrics, the essence of Maserati is laid bare for you, the discerning owner.
  • With your official registration, you join an exclusive club of Maserati aficionados who accept only the very best. Personalised to you, your experience in the app reflects your taste for distinction, beauty and the exceptional.
  • Every Maserati model has a story. In this personalised feature, you are reintroduced to the vehicle you chose above all others. Discover a unique tale of innovation, dedication and embracing challenge in audacious Italian style.
  • It's easy to keep your Maserati in perfect condition. A touch is all it takes. Find and book local services wherever you are, all on your phone.
  • For added convenience, you'll find the most useful sections of your vehicle's user manual - from Bluetooth setup to emergency advice - loaded onto your phone. All the information at your fingertips to search, browse and bookmark in a flash.

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