Meet our Audi Motability Specialists

Choosing the perfect Audi for you has never been easier.

Our Motability experts have helped hundreds of customers find their ideal car on the scheme. They will help you find your vehicle, fill out the paperwork and complete the handover. If required, adaptations are available through Motability, many at no extra cost. And even if you don’t drive, you can name up to two other drivers in your place to use your car. For more information on Audi Motability cars and our range of exceptional offers, please contact our Audi Motability specialists:

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Southern Region

Steve Jakeman

Amersham Audi

Steven Jakeman has worked within the company for three years and has been Motability-accredited for two of them. His favourite model is the RS7.​

Pete Siani

Milton Keynes Audi

I became an Accredited Motability Executive in 2001 and I have worked for Jardine Motors Milton Keynes Audi for 8 months now. I love the brand - the cars are timeless. My favourite Audi model is the SQ5 - it's a really nice drive and it sounds great!

David Georgiou

Hitchin Audi

I have been in the motor trade for 30 years and with Audi for almost 2 years. I am now Audi Accredited as well as being Motability Accredited for 5 years. The build quality in general and the interiors in particular are, in my opinion, best in class. I still love the motor trade as no two days are the same. I am married with teenage daughters and met my wife, Jane, twenty years ago when I sold her a used car!

Adam Hayfield

Milton Keynes Audi

I have worked for Milton Keynes Audi for 3 years, and I was able to become an Accredited Motability Executive 6 months ago. I absolutely love the brand; we have the best products in the world. My favourite is the RS6; it’s practical, yet is still a weapon!

Midlands Region

Damien Howell 

Tamworth Audi

I have been an Accredited Motability Executive since March 2016 and have worked for Tamworth Audi since August 2015. My ultimate Audi would be the Audi A7 Sportback. As a keen Golfer, the A7 offers the practicality needed, with the stylish looks!

Nick Birch

Shrewsbury Audi

I have worked with Shrewsbury Audi since November 2017. I have extensive experience in Sales and Customer Service and I am passionate about delivering above and beyond customer expectations. My passion for the Audi brand shines through.

Giles Robinson

Wolverhampton Audi

I have been with Jardine in Wolverhampton for just over 4 months but have worked for Audi for around 2 years. I’ve been dealing with Motability for about 5 years. It’s a fantastic scheme which gives so many people a lot of freedom. I love the quality and innovation of Audi. They are always looking to evolve and push the boundaries of technology. Autonomous driving and electrification is going to be a big focus on all vehicles over the next few years, so there’s going to be lots of change on how we approach mobility and vehicle ownership. Audi is always pioneering new ideas that make new technologies accessible and desirable.

James Stigwood

Wolverhampton Audi

I have worked for Audi since 2013, and joined Jardine Motors in January 2015. I have been an Accredited Motability Executive for 3 years. I’m a bit of a petrol head; I love the sportiness of the RS4.

Louise Fincher

Halesowen Audi

I have worked for Halesowen Audi since September 2016 but have been an Audi driver for 6 years now. I am passionate about the Audi brand and I became Motability credited last month. My dream vehicle is the SQ7.

Northern Region

Chris Owen

Liverpool Audi

I have worked at Liverpool Audi for 6 years and I have been an accredited Motability Specialist for 15 years. My current vehicle of choice would have to be the Q2, the taller ride comes with easy access along with the larger boot that is perfect for activities. 

Matthew Tebay

Warrington Audi

I have been working for Jardine Motors for 15 years doing various roles within the department to obtain a better overall knowledge of the inner workings of the department. I have recently been promoted from Service Advisor to Senior Service Advisor. Over the years we have had a large number if desirable vehicles, but the my favourite has to be the S3 Saloon – because you don’t see many of them.

Jonathon Singleton

Manchester Audi

I joined Jardine Motors Manchester Audi in 2012, and I have been an Accredited Motability Executive for over 5 years, to which I have really enjoyed. I love performance and style in cars, my current favourite is the RS3, but I think the new RS6 Avant may shortly be my new favourite!​

Steven Hinchcliffe

Manchester Audi

My favourite model is the Audi R8 due to it's impressive performance and looks. I enjoy every minute of working for the Audi brand and love Audi’s customer values and the products that they provide.

Simon Smith

Oldham Audi

I have been a Motability Specialist for over 12 years. My favourite model is the Audi R8, particularly the Matte Black R8 because of its style and class. I enjoy every minute of working for the Audi brand and love Audi’s customer values and the products that they provide.

Jon Fincher

Warrington Audi

I have worked in the Automotive Industry for over 40 Years and been with the Audi Brand for the past 11 years and I believe the brand to be the best of the premium sector.

For over 20 years I have been involved with assisting Motability Customers in making the right decision in the purchase of their vehicles and look forward to supplying many more in the coming years.

Marcus Overend

Bolton Audi

I have worked for the Audi brand for over 10 years and have been with Jardine Motors since October 2017. My Favourite Audi is the Audi A4 sport. I love working for the number 1 Premium Brand and I love playing golf when I can.

Jamie Chan

Bolton Audi

I have worked for Bolton Audi for 2.5 years and I’ve enjoy every moment. The staff are friendly and very helpful, always putting the customer first. My favourite Audi has to be the RS5. I got to enjoy 3 days in Germany learning about the RS5 and even had the opportunity to test drive it around a race course. Which I must say, it was amazing. 

Bernard Mort 

Bolton Audi

I have 34 years motor trade experience.I have held the roles of Sales Executive to Head of Business during my Career and have been fortunate to drive most of the models. My favourite being the Audi RS6 Avant. I have two children and four Grandsons who take up most of my time when not at work or on the Golf course. I can always be relied upon to give you a song when any opportunity arises.

Mark Pattinson 

Bolton Audi

I have worked for Audi for nearly 3 years now. My favourite Audi is the A5 SportbackI have always worked in sales and am now a certified Audi Pro.There are many things I love about the brand, from the unique styling, technology, reliability and most of all quattro to the investment they put in to their colleagues. I am an avid scuba diver and have dove at many locations around the world, personal favourite place being the red sea for the ship wrecks and sea life.

Richard Lennon

Warrington Audi

I am a certified Audi Service advisor and also one of our resident Motability Aftersales specialists for Motability customer’s. In addition I have visited Germany a couple of times to undertake specialist product launch training at the brand headquarters & feel I have a good depth of understanding across our range whilst specialising in the vehicle technology and entertainment systems introduced over the past few years.