Milton Keynes BMW Motability Team

Dillon Appleby 

Dillon has been in the motor industry for just over a year and has been a Motability specialist for a few months. He enjoys being a Motability specialist because you can make a difference to people’s lives and help them become mobile.

Dillon Appleby

Emma Duthie

Emma has worked with BMW for the last 2 and a half years. The reason she loves being a Motability Specialist is that she gets to meet and help so many people who, without this option, would not be able to get around and enjoy every day as much as they should. She feels that everyone is striving to make sure people who could benefit from this scheme, knows about how easy it is to get started and enjoy worry-free motoring for themselves and their families.

Customer testimonial

Last week I ordered a BMW X1 XLine. I am a Motability customer who very much enjoys his cars. At the moment I drive a 2016 Ford Mondeo X Sport, that model didn’t exist until I added about three thousand pounds in extra’s. Being my third Mondeo I decided a change was due. My first port of call was BMW but was unsure I would find a car as good as mine. I really couldn’t be bothered looking, along with the extra expense over standard models.

My first contact was with Paul, a very nice guy. I told him this was just an enquiry and wasn’t convinced I’d be moving away from my Mondeo having invested so much to it’s specification. I had just about added everything the options list had to offer.

Paul persuaded me no matter the outcome it was worth a look, I made it clear before I made up my mind I would visit the showroom. Honestly, no real intention on my part. Paul said he could bring the car to me and spend as much time I needed to appreciate the benefits of a BMW. I took the X1 for a drive on familiar roads for a direct comparison. My overall thoughts of that test drive were very positive, all be it a smaller car than my loved Mondeo X Sport. Yet felt The BMW was a more progressive sporty ride. Then Paul took the time to show me the I drive system in depth whilst sitting on my drive in Woburn, I was hooked. I had a problem with the sports seats, a little too firm. Ben then helped me on Pauls day off, showing me the standard seats. Perfect, once again nothing I asked was too much trouble.

I visited your showroom some days later and placed my order for the BMW XLine, along with four thousand pounds of extra’s not included under the Motability scheme. The order has now been approved leaving me excited to have my first BMW.

If Paul have had waited for me to initially visit the showroom none of this would happened. I was happy enough to hold onto my Mondeo, a fantastic car that has served me well. Paul never pushed me to change my mind, just made very qualified reasons why this particular BMW would satisfy my driving style more. Along with the after support, I had no reason to doubt him. As I mentioned, without Paul turning up on my drive two hours after my enquiry none of this would have happened. If only every new car dealer was encouraged to go to this level of sales support I feel many more new cars would sold. A service I am sure Ford would never consider, so they have lost out this time. I very much congratulate BMW with such a high standard of pre sales support.

Paul is a very professional sales executive without being pushy, one of the best I have dealt with. I would like for you to congratulate Paul for such a pleasant experience. Not only has he made a sale with value added options, he has made a contact happy to come back to BMW in the future.

Bury St Edmunds BMW Motability Team

Matt Clear

Matt has been in the motor industry for 21 years. Matt previously worked as a Motability Specialist and has recently returned to it with us at Jardine Bury St Edmunds. Matt has worked at Jardine Bury St Edmunds since January 2016.

Adam Moss

Kate Woodward

Kate was a Motability specialist at her previous retailer, and met some truly lovely people both customers and other specialists on the scheme. When offered the chance to continue with Motability at BMW, she was more than happy to take this on and feels it adds value to her Service Advisor role, and enables her to provide a better service to her customers.