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Meet our team of experienced Motability Specialists at our Volkswagen sites across the UK. All our experts have years of Motability experience and knowledge and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Book an appointment today or email your nearest site specialist below for more information.

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Steve Allsop

I have been in the motor industry for over 18 years and Motability Accredited for 14 years.  I have seen the process change over the years and it is now much easier and more customer friendly.  I enjoy meeting people and helping them with their motability issues. I have a very good relationship with our local vehicle adaptation company and get great satisfaction from being able to help people.​

​Anthony Lack

I’ve been in the motor industry since 2003 and a Motability specialist for the last 12 years.

I’m passionate about helping my customers who can find the Motability process quite daunting. I like to put them at ease and helping them through the process from order to delivery.

Richard Edney

I have been in the industry since 1998 and have been Motability accredited for 18 years. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting clients, choosing the right car for them and taking them through the online process which has evolved greatly over the years. I believe it is paramount to take the right amount of time to decide the next car.




Ivan Bonney

I am a Motability Specialist at Lancaster Volkswagen Harlow and have been Motability accredited since 2003.
I gain a lot of satisfaction in helping Motability customers with worry free motoring and giving them the independence they deserve. Through my knowledge and experience of not only the vehicles but also the adaptions that are available, we can help make day to day activities that much easier.

Stuart Walsham

I have been Motability accredited for over 15 years and enjoy dealing with all the people I meet every day.

Antonio Sannolla

I have been an accredited Motability specialist here at Lancaster Volkswagen Harlow since 2017. I really enjoy helping and looking after every customer I meet day to day.




Aaron Miller

My career at Volkswagen began in 2007 but I have been involved with the Motability scheme since 2001. I particularly enjoy this side of my work and this is due largely to how I see it enhancing people’s lives. I have a personal experience of the Motability scheme as my father is disabled and has a Motability vehicle, and I have seen first hand how it has changed his life for the better.




​​Dilip Parmar

I find the Motability scheme very comprehensive and enjoy helping our Motability customers.

Mark Charles

I think the Motability Scheme is very beneficial as it guides our customers into a terrific product that I know and love and in turn, our customers also love.


Ellis Earl

David Mullett

Charlie Honeywood

​Gary Sturdy

I am a motor industry veteran of 23+ years. I started in the workshop as an apprentice and worked my way up to General Sales Manager. Having been involved in Motability Sales for more than 10 years I have really enjoyed meeting our customers and take great pride in my team who do the same.


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