When you bring your BMW into Lancaster Bury St Edmunds and Lancaster Milton Keynes, you will not only recieve your MOT Test, but you'll also get the added benefit of a BMW Technician working on your car - after all, who knows your BMW better than BMW?

Why do I need an MOT Test?

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have an MOT Test.Once your BMW reaches three years old, it needs an MOT Test that year, and every year after to ensure that it is both legal and safe.

What does an MOT Test include?

An MOT Test is a thorough test to ensure that your car is both legal and road safe. During the test, around 150 important components of your BMW to ensure that they meet the legal standards. This includes areas such as your seat belts, airbags, brakes, horns, mirrors and more.

When you bring it to either Lancaster Bury St Edmunds or Lancaster Milton Keynes, you'll not only recieve your MOT Test, but you'll also get -

  • A dedicated BMW Trained Technician working on your BMW.
  • We will only ever use Genuine BMW parts, with a two years' warranty^
  • A wash and vacuum - so your car feels brand new again!
  • A variety of convenience options such as - Collection and Delivery, Courtesy Cars and a range of appointment times.
  • A video of your BMW in the workshop, talked through by your BMW Technician explaining any of the components that need work.

BMW MOT Protect.

Your first MOT inspection will arrive faster than you think. That’s why we offer BMW MOT Protect, a complimentary cover for all new BMWs. Your BMW’s MOT Protect covers you for any* work that needs completing to pass your first MOT inspection. In the unlikely event your BMW fails its first MOT, you won’t lose out, as repairs, replacements and labour are covered on a long list of key items, from electric and lighting equipment to steering and suspension. We’ll work with you to address any issues promptly and free of charge.

The BMW MOT Promise gives you a list of assurances and added value that you simply won’t find elsewhere. What’s more, you have the reassurance of knowing that your car will only be worked on by BMW Trained Technicians using nothing but Genuine BMW Parts.

Terms and conditions: All offers are subject to availability and change without further notice. Wash and vac only carried out on completion of MOT. Terms and conditions apply.

* MOT Protect will cover all items with the exception of the windscreen, wheels, tyres and items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non-BMW components.

^ Excluding wear and tear items.