Jaguar Winter tyres

Available alongside the variety of standard and specialist tyres on the market are winter tyres, created specifically for harsh seasonal conditions and difficult wintry roads. These tyres are durable and strong, and are able to perform without compromise at the lowest of temperatures. As a correctly fitted set of four, winter tyres can outlast a set of standard tyres.

The special design of winter tyres, constructed with enhanced silica and added natural rubber, means they are able to cope in the coldest of conditions. The design stops the rubber from hardening, and enables the tyre to perform at optimum levels despite the temperature.

The benefits of using winter tyres have been verified by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association. Below seven degrees, using winter tyres can allow you to stop up to 11 metres earlier when travelling at 20mph on icy surfaces, while in wet conditions, braking distances can be lessened by the equivalent of one car’s length from 60mph.

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