Jaguar Tyres

While a Jaguar’s engine and transmission are vital to its efficiency and safety, the tyres play an important role in the vehicle’s overall performance. It is a legal requirement to have a suitable type and size of tyre fitted to your Jaguar, and tyres of different construction types may not be fitted to opposite sides of the same axle.

In the UK, the legal minimum requirement for tyre tread is 1.6mm, which must be across three-quarters of the tyre’s width and around the total circumference. It is your responsibility as driver to ensure the correct tread levels, but we can check these for you whenever you call in to visit. At Jardine Jaguar, we can guide you specifically considering your driving style and the model of your Jaguar.

A range of seasonal, winter tyres is available for harsher conditions and difficult roads. Our team of experts are available to discuss the options and advise you. If you call in with your vehicle, then our team will fit your new tyres on-site.

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