The MINI E & Zoom EV Bundle

Chris Warwick, Head of Training - F&I, Compliance and Operations

After 7 years of owning and driving smart cars, in March my wife Chrisse took the plunge into the world of electric vehicles and ordered the MINI E from our Bury St Edmunds dealership. Because we purchased the MINI E from Jardine Motors Group, we received the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle which gives us access to offers, discounted subscriptions, charging benefits, nationwide parking and aftercare support.

Home charging

We’re fortunate that we have a driveway at home and have installed a 7kWh EO fast charger (which we purchased using the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle. By using the bundle, we received £50 off the charger unit which was installed quickly and professionally by specialist electricians. We were also reassured that if we had any issues, we could simply call the 24/7 Customer Care team – not that we’ve needed it. 

The MINI E’s 32.6 kWh battery fully charges in around 4 ½ hours, which is perfect as we get 4 hours of cheaper electricity from 12:30 – 4:30am. Getting into the habit of setting a charge time slot for cheaper, cleaner, off-peak charging took no time at all. We set a shortcut in the media system to go straight into ‘Planned Charging’ and every evening when Chrisse pulls up, she ensures the departure time is set for the next day and plugs in. It’s that simple.

MINI with Zoom EV

Public charging

Although she doesn’t need to use public charging for her daily commute, Chrisse wanted to try it out in preparation for any longer journeys. In addition to the home charger benefits, another perk to our Jardine Zoom EV Bundle is discounted public charging with Osprey and BP Pulse. Recently Osprey installed a Rapid Charger about 6 miles from our house and by using our code from the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle, Chrisse received free rapid charging for the first month.

Chrisse downloaded the app, set up her payment details and was ready to go. On our way to the charging station, I explained how simple it was to use and that the car would get to around 80% charged in roughly 30 minutes. We arrived at the charger, followed the instructions, plugged in and we were charging at 50kWh for free.

MINI with Zoom EV

Jardine Zoom EV Bundle savings

For the first month of driving the MINI E, Chrisse used the free Osprey rapid charging available via the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle, which gave her a massive saving:

  • 3rd – 21st April 2021
  • 6 x charging sessions
  • Total kWh = 133.33
  • Mileage equivalent = c470
  • Cost Saving (@5p per kWh using Octopus Go* off-peak charging) = £6.66
  • Cost saving (@29.5p per kWh - Osprey’s discounted rate for Zoom EV customers) = £39.33
  • Standard Osprey Rapid Charging @31p per kWh
  • But it doesn’t stop there – Chrisse will continue to save significantly on the cost of public charging due to the discounts we receive with the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle across Osprey, Plugsurfing and BP Pulse networks. And thanks to the £50 discount we received on our EO home charger, the savings only increase.

    MINI with Zoom EV

    *Please note that this home energy provider is excluded from the Jardine Zoom EV Bundle. Our home Energy Provider is OVO Energy - click here for more information about the tariff.