Jardine Motors Group EV Driver Benefits Bundle

All customers that purchase a new electric car through Jardine Motors Group are entitled to an exclusive Zoom EV driver benefits bundle. This bundle could save you up to £1,000 in the first year*

As the owner of an electric car, the Zoom EV bundle helps across all aspects of EV ownership from home charging, public charging, EV home energy tariffs, nationwide parking with charging stations and accident management.

Public Charging

From time-to-time you may need to charge your electric car using a public charger. The public charging network is rapidly growing across the UK with a number of charging provides offering subscriptions to their charging network. Zoom EV have negotiated deals with the three main charging network suppliers

BP Pulse

With over 7,000 public charging points across the UK, BP Pulse operate the largest public charging network in the UK. With a Zoom EV you can save 12.5% every month on subscription and charging.


Plugsurfing have one of the largest charging networks across Europe, making European trips easy and hassle-free. With over 130,000 charging stations across the UK & Europe. With the Zoom EV bundle, you'll be entitled to a free charging key worth €9.95 to use across the plugsurfing network.


Osprey operate one of the fastest growing rapid charging networks in the UK, this charging network will ensure as little time is spent charging offering superfast charging so little time is spent waiting for your car to charge. With Zoom EV, you'll get 1 free month of rapid charging follow by an 18% discount off the next 11 months.

bp chargermaster

Home Charging

BP Pulse

BP pulse, formally known as BP Chargemaster, is one of the biggest names in home EV charging. With a BP Pulse home charging unit, you can plug-in your car at home at your convenience to minimise reliance on public charging units.

With Zoom EV, you'll receive £50 off a fully installed smart home charger including maintenance. Prices start from £549 including your discount.

With a BP Pulse home charging unit, there are a number of other benefits including:

  • Keep track and manage costs with the BP Pulse app
  • The OLEV grant is managed on your behalf
  • Installations are completed with qualified in-house specialist electricians
  • 24/7 customer care team support
  • All units and backed

EO Mini Smart Home

EO charging make the smallest EV fast chargers on the market and with their minimalist design are in keeping with any design. Over 30,000 EO Mini EV chargers have been installed and they currently operate around the world.

With Zoom EV, you'll receive £50 off an OLEV approved EO Mini Smart home charger including full installation and maintenance. Prices start from £595 including discount.

With EO Mini Smart Home charger, you also have the below benefits:

  • Optional active load management and solar matching capabilities
  • Package includes EO Home Hub and Mini mcarger
  • Start, stop and schedule charging
  • Monitor electric usage
  • 3 year product warranty

EV Energy Tariffs

SSE Charging

SSE is a home energy supplier who have adapted their cost model to give 'free electric driving' for up to 8,000 miles when you charge during off-peak hours. SSE will credit your account with cost of the electricity you use during the off-peak times of your meter.

SEE charging also offer the below benefits:

  • Fixed price energy for 1 year
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Free of charge smart meters
  • £20 charging credit when you sign up to Polar Plus through Zoom
sse energy tariff
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Nationwide Parking

In conjunction with Q-Park, you'll receive 20% discount off pre-booked parking across Q-Park's national parking network. Q-Park operate parking in most major cities with charging points available at most locations.​

Accident Management

If the worst should happen and you have an accident in your electric car our complimentary accident aftercare service will ensure the minimum of inconvenience. As part of this package, you'll receive the below benefits:

  • A replacement electric vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired
  • All repairs and parts are full approved and fixed by an authorised repair centre
  • Representation in dealing with insurers
  • Professional legal advice for an uninsured loss or compensation queries
  • 24/7 support service

Terms and Conditions

**£1,000 saving : Zoom EV advertise that customers can save £1,000 in the first year. This is based on : annual mileage of 15,000, made up of 8,000 SSE free miles and 7,000 miles paid charging, an EV with a range of 150 miles and assumes 4 on-the-road charges per month. It also assumes 2 days parking per month at £15 per day. It is based on a customer taking up all of the services within the Zoom EV Driver Benefits Bundle (EV charging, Home charger installation and charging, plugsurfing key and parking).