Hybrid & Electric Car Myth Busting

Myth: “There’s hardly any choice for electric cars”

Fact: As engineering continues to evolve, more and more electric vehicles are coming to market. Manufacturers are continuing to evolve and develop their electric ranges to meet increasing customer demand. Jardine Motors Group offers a huge range of electric vehicles from a number of renowned brands, so you’re bound to discover a model that suits your needs. View our range of electric vehicles.

Myth: “Electric vehicles are slow”

Fact: Modern electric cars are renowned for accelerating from a standstill exceptionally quickly. For example, the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace makes the 0 – 60mph sprint in 4.5 seconds while the brand’s petrol V8-powered F-Type does the same run in 4.4 seconds; shaving only 0.1 seconds off the I-Pace’s time.

Myth: “Electric vehicles are expensive”

Fact: Some electric cars are expensive, but so are some non-electric vehicles, too. However, EVs also benefit from lower running costs as they have no oil, filters or spark plugs, and brakes are naturally used less due to the motor set-up and regenerative braking systems. Find out how much it costs to own an electric vehicle here.

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Myth: “Electric vehicles catch fire in a crash”

Fact: Any car can catch fire in a crash, but just as fuel tanks must conform to crash safety standards, so must battery packs.

Myth: “You can’t take electric cars through a car wash”

Fact: Electric cars must conform to the same safety standards as any new car, so you can drive them through a car wash or take them out in a storm.

Myth: “Electric cars take ages to charge”

Fact: The time taken to recharge the battery of an electric car has dropped sharply in recent years and will only improve as a new generation of batteries, and more powerful charging points, become available. However, the time taken for charging depends on the charging unit and capacity of the battery.