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The new Ferrari FF is the result of a venture into pastures new for the super car manufacturer – it’s the first hatchback, and the first model, to be truly practical without losing the unique essence of this prestigious Italian brand.

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The new Ferrari FF is big and, with size, comes practicality and the space for two back seats that can comfortably seat two adults. It is exciting that these seats are not just for show, but also that this additional space does not take away from the truly beautiful design. Ferrari’s designers have managed to give the FF 450 litres of boot space, meaning plenty of room for luggage. This can be extended further by folding down one or both split rear seats.

The interior is wrapped in acres of soft leather, giving the FF that snug yet expensive look and feel that you would expect from Ferrari. From outside, the FF is long in the front and drops away at the rear, delivering impeccable visibility.


Traction control in the new Ferrari FF works by diverting a proportion of the power from the rear wheels to the front when it detects a potential loss of control, and this, combined with the anti-lock brakes, works to keep the car firmly on course. In the event of a collision, front and side impact airbags deploy, and the seatbelt pretensioners ensure both driver and passengers are pulled into the safest position to avoid injury. The balance of excitement and safety is exactly right in this stunning, top-of-the-range hatchback.


The four-wheel drive FF hatchback houses a 6.3-litre V12 engine that offers a massive 651bhp and is controlled using a dual clutch seven-speed gearbox. There are auto and manual driving modes available so you can tailor the controls to your driving needs, and the steering is so sharp you’ll be reminded that this is a Ferrari through and through.

In terms of performance, the huge engine means the FF can go from 0-60mph in around 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 208mph. These statistics mean you will find yourself at the UK’s speed limits very quickly, as should be the way with a car of this calibre and prestige.