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Used Ferrari GTC4 Lusso For Sale

The replacement for Ferrari’s FF grand tourer, the GTC4Lusso’s name calls to mind the classic 330GTC and 250GT Berlinetta Lusso models. It lives up to its illustrious namesakes, as well as its immediate predecessor, with a whole new look and aerodynamic enhancements – along with a ferocious V12 engine that gives it extraordinary pace.

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The driver and three passengers are protected by the GTC4Lusso’s strong structure, as well as front and side impact airbags. Exceptional stability and control is supplied by the vehicle’s 4-RMS four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering system.

In conjunction with the Side Slip Control 4.0 system, this gives drivers a stable platform on the roughest or most slippery road surfaces.


A brasher, more youthful look sets the GTC4Lusso apart from the FF. At the raised rear, the four round tail lights complement the two twin exhausts and the prominent rear diffuser.

The fold in the car’s side panels is fiercer and sharper than before, and accompanied by side air intakes to go with those integrated into the revised front grille. An even lengthier bonnet and reshaped headlights add to the car’s distinctive appearance.

This changes are not just for show; they also give the GTC4Lusso a lower drag coefficient than the FF. The cockpit has also been redesigned, with a smaller and more manageable steering wheel and a simplified control layout.

Wraparound seats provide adequate bolstering, even at high speeds. A dual display allows the front passenger to view speed and engine information as well as the driver.


As soon as the GTC4Lusso is started a sonorous hum fills the cockpit, rising to a bellicose roar as you travel further up the rev range.

As one could guess from the specifications of the 6.2 litre V12 engine, which provides 680bhp and maximum torque of 697Nm at 5750rpm, this model is one of the fastest 4 seat road-legal cars in the world.

It reaches 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, aided by the efficiency of its seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as well as its responsiveness at low speed (80% of torque is available at just 1750rpm).

The technological prowess that went into the engine of the GTC4Lusso also furnishes the cabin with a brand new generation of infotainment system, the functions of which are accessed through a 10.9” high-resolution monitor with capacitive touch control.

​Technical Specification

​Vehicle Length​4922 mm / 193.8 in
​Vehicle Width​1980 mm / 78 in
​Vehicle Height​1383 mm / 54.4 in
​Wheelbase​2990 mm / 117.7 in
​Unladen Weight (DIN)​1790 kg / 3946 lb
​Engine / Cylinders​V12
​Engine Capacity​6262 cc
​Max Torque​697 nm @ 5750 rpm
​Max Power​507 kW @ 8000 rpm
Top Speed 208 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph / 3.4 sec
Combined Cycle 18.3 mpg
CO2 360 g/km