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The successor to the well-loved 485 Italia, the Ferrari 488 is a finely-honed supercar that offers a supremely comfortable driving experience, even at higher speeds.

The much-anticipated 488 has already won awards, from the Sunday Times for Best Supercar and at the EXCS International Luxury Motor Show for Best Luxury Super Sports Car.

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A 3.9-litre V8 engine features 7-speed F1 dual-clutch automatic transmission. It delivers 661bhp and a maximum torque of 760Nm at 3,000rpm when in seventh gear. The 488 is capable of a top speed of 205mph, making 0-60mph in a little over three seconds. Stopping distances have been improved on those achieved by the 458. This is thanks to carbon composite discs, which weigh almost 3kgs less than before and provide a nine percent increase in performance. From a speed of 124mph the vehicle can be brought to a complete stop within 122 metres.

Technology and safety

The car’s infotainment system provides a range of functions, including satellite navigation. A JBL premium sound system delivers audio content through 12 loudspeakers using a 1,280W, 16-channel high-performance amplifier. This generates a rich, dynamic and powerful sound throughout the cabin. The 488 GTB is also the first Ferrari to feature keyless start.Side Slip Control 2 provides stability at high speeds, enabling you to safely take the car to its limits. Other safety features include Anti-lock Braking System and Electronic Stability control, as well as a full complement of airbags.


The silhouette of the 488 is similar to that of the 485 but aerodynamic improvements have brought distinct changes. Downforce generation is optimised thanks to its central Aero Pillar and a double spoiler that is inspired by the kind used on F1 cars. A large rear diffuser helps provide a balance between increased downforce and drag reduction. At the front of the car, a large air intake scallop is a tip of the hat to the very first 308 GTB, and is bisected by a splitter. For the 488 GTB, Ferrari has created a new colour, which it has dubbed Rosso Corsa Metallizzato (Racing Red Metallic), to represent the car’s exclusivity, elegance and sporty bearing.


The access key to the Ferrari 488 features a design that takes its inspiration from the shape of the V8’s intake plenums.

Inside, the cabin reflects the Ferrari 488 athletic prowess while providing enviable comfort. Redesigned seats are lighter than before and provide a secure but comfortable ride, with a fixed headrest for each.

The compact dashboard features air vents that have been inspired by those of jet air intakes.Essential controls are mounted on the steering wheel, as well as within satellite clusters around it, ensuring that they are within easy reach.

The 488 GTB features a 230-litre boot and a useful shelf located behind the seats for storing bags and other items.A wide range of interior colours are available, from Charcoal or Blu Sterling to Rosso Ferrari or Beige Tradizione.