DESIGN The new 750S has a strong resemblance to its predecessor but look closely and the differences become clearer. Visual differences include an extended front splitter, narrower ‘eye-socket’ intakes, new rear wheel arch vents, lengthened carbon fibre active rear wing and new front and rear bumpers, all of which help to give the 750S more downforce at speed and better aerodynamic balance overall. It’s available in coupé and convertible form (thanks to its carbon fibre upper structure and composite retractable hard top, the latter is only 49kg heavier than the coupé). It’s also around 30kg lighter than the 720S, thanks to carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and the lightest wheels ever fitted to a production McLaren, trimmed either in full Nappa leather or a Nappa/Alcantara combo. Inside, a new column-mounted instrument display allows the driver to focus fully on the rapidly spooling ribbon of tarmac ahead.
PERFORMANCE With cars like the 750S, 0-62mph times become almost irrelevant. That benchmark takes a mere 2.8 seconds. More telling are the 0-134mph (200 km/h) times; 7.2 seconds for the coupé and 7.3s for the convertible. That stunning performance is delivered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine producing 750PS (hence the model name) and 800Nm of torque, accompanied by a thrilling note from the new centre-exit exhaust. Power is delivered to the rear wheels by a 7-speed transmission with revised ratios for optimum acceleration. McLaren claims that around 30% of the 750S is either new or thoroughly revised, one example being the latest generation linked-hydraulic suspension – PCC III – featuring bespoke accumulator tuning, new lightweight springs and dampers and revised geometry. Together with a faster steering ratio and a dry weight of just 1,277kg, the result is synapse-quick levels of agility, feel and feedback.
TECHNOLOGY The interior of the 750S is a driver-focused environment, with the new column-mounted instrument display flanked by rocker switches that allow the driver to flick between Comfort, Sport and Track Active Dynamic settings without taking hands off the wheel. A new feature, the McLaren Control Launcher (MCL), allows the driver to create a combination of aero, handling, powertrain and transmission settings and return to this at the push of a button. Oh, and Apple CarPlay comes as standard, there are USB-C and USB-A sockets to keep devices charged up and you can specify a premium audio system from Bowers and Wilkins to fill the quieter moments of your drive.
SAFETY The McLaren 750S offers a combination of near 360-degree visibility, reassuringly powerful brakes (a track brake upgrade is available, combining ceramic discs and monobloc callipers) and an immensely strong carbon fibre body structure. The rear view and surround view camera system have been upgraded for higher definition and clarity. A new vehicle-lift system raises the front of the 750S in only four seconds, helping to protect the front splitter and underside in pockmarked urban streets.