MSO Defined Every McLaren is created special, but owners still want to put their own stamp on their cars, to tailor them to match their own tastes. MSO Defined offers a range of personalisation beyond the factory options packages for Supercar owners, with choices for other models to follow. These enable owners to both customise the appearance of their cars, with carbon fibre parts and accents, but also to improve performance with aerodynamic kits and lightweight components.

Buying a McLaren is the start of a journey, and MSO Defined offers Supercar owners the chance to match their cars to their personalities.
MSO Bespoke MSO was established to help our customers realise their dreams. MSO Bespoke sits at the very heart of that mission, offering an almost limitless level of customisation. If you want it, and it’s possible, then we will do it.

Options range from choosing unique paint, trim and colour options – we can colour match anything you like – through to making far more substantive changes, even building a unique vehicle to your personal specification.

“Our mantra is ‘The Art of the Possible’ so only inspiration and appetite are the boundaries for our customers. MSO offers the complete personalisation service, from design to technical distillation delivered courtesy of outstanding craftsmanship and incomparable levels of personal service.” Ansar Ali, MSO Managing Director.
MSO Limited MSO does not just offer upgrades to existing or new-build McLaren cars. It also produces its own ultra-exclusive models. MSO Limited is the part of the organisation responsible for the design, engineering and production of small series special editions.

These combine some of the more popular MSO styling and performance upgrades with bespoke enhancements tailored to the individual car. Every McLaren is created special, but MSO Limited models will always be among the most exclusive.
McLaren MSO
MSO Heritage MSO started as the original customer care division for the awe-inspiring McLaren F1. Today, MSO Heritage still provides world class care to McLaren F1 owners.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) recently premiered it's restored McLaren F1 #063 at the Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance.