McLaren 570S GT4 and 570S Sprint


McLaren has created not one, but two new track-focused 570S model variants to be included in the recently-launched Sports Series. The 570S GT4 and 570S Sprint have been developed in conjunction with McLaren GT, the marque’s motorsport division, staying true to the brand’s racing roots.

Both models have received extensive chassis and aerodynamic alterations to equip them for the harsh demands of driving on the circuit. McLaren’s modifications have made the 570S GT4 as a purpose-built race car and the 570S Sprint as a track day supercar.

The Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse racing team has been given a 570S GT4 by McLaren, who will field the car as a rolling development testbed in the British GT Championship as part of a ‘season-long competitive development programme’, competing in nine rounds of the 2016 series.

The homologated McLaren 570S GT4 will then be made eligible to race in the 2017 motorsport season.


Pre-existing Sports Series models boast the use of McLaren’s carbon-fibre MonoCell II chassis, offering low weight benefits as a result of its hollow construction, as well as inherent strength.

Use of this elite, aerospace-inspired, race-derived material for the monocoque of the 570S GT4 marks its introduction to the GT4 category, plus it is utilised in the Sprint, enhancing safety. Its single piece moulding offers excellent integrity and a pure structure, designed to protect vehicle occupants.

These two innovative performance vehicles from McLaren comprise aluminium front and rear frames and crash structures, keeping passengers as safe as possible in the event of an incident.

In order to best-equip the 570S GT4 for the track, much of the road-going model’s interior has been stripped back and instead replaced with high-tech safety equipment. An FIA-approved roll cage is included, as well as a fire suppression system and various other items required for racing.


With the striking, sublime 570S GT4, benefit from McLaren’s unique aggressive aerodynamic package, which includes a carbon GT4-specification high-level adjustable rear wing to balance the extra downforce from the new, larger front splitter, new bonnet nostrils and a re-profiled, smoothed floor assembly.

The wide, muscular body is crafted using re-profiled aluminium and carbon fibre panels, complemented by centre-lock wheels of cast magnesium and Pirelli slick tyres.

The engaging, exciting 570S Sprint gains its own aero-package, highlighting its profile as a dedicated track car, unrestricted by any racing regulations - rather than a pure, thoroughbred race car. Many of the GT4’s parts are shared with the Sprint model, but it retains certain luxuries that have been stripped from the GT4 for racing purposes.

Those ordering the Sprint model of the Sports Series and looking for a more potent performance will be able to upgrade the McLaren vehicle to a GT4 specification.


The McLaren 570S GT4 is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, paired with a seven-speed seamless shift gearbox, which transfers power to the track through the rear wheels. In unrestricted form, expect 562bhp and 443lb-ft of torque, but this may be altered when race restrictors are added.

In addition to the race-focused chassis setup, the athletic McLaren models feature new upgraded suspension, with two-way adjustable motorsport dampers and coil-over springs, front and rear, with an on-board air jacking system.

Designed for track enthusiasts, the 570S Sprint is not required to meet specific racing regulations, yet uses the same powertrain and technological automotive advancements. Further specification on the McLaren 570S Sprint is expected to be released in the near future.

These two McLaren creations in the Sports Series provide drivers with added feedback, confidence and encouragement to push and exploit the boundaries of the vehicles’ abilities.

Vehicle length 4606 mm
Vehicle width 2095 mm
Vehicle height (unladen) 1179mm
Wheelbase 2674 mm
Unladen weight (DIN) 1400 kg / 3086 lb

Engine / Cylinders 3.8-litre/Twin Turbo V8
Engine Capacity 3799 cc
Max Power 419 kW @ 7500 rpm