Parts and Accessories

A selection of genuine McLaren parts and accessories is available for each model in the high-performance range. Once you’ve chosen any vehicle from Jardine Motors, we can provide bespoke components and other items that complement it perfectly. From our on-site service centres and bodyshops, we’ll fit the parts you select with expert precision. Should you require additional items at any time, please return to us for manufacturer-approved care.


McLaren manufactures each genuine part specifically for the intended model. Whether you select lightweight forged wheel rims or a dynamic air-intake, each piece will fit your car perfectly and perform at optimum effectiveness. At our McLaren Ascot dealership, you can choose from an exclusive collection of components and products.


Any vehicle that you purchase from the McLaren range is unique, and can be accessorised with bespoke styling kits and engine covers. In addition, each model is accompanied by bespoke lifestyle and clothing items, including luggage, jewellery and miniatures.

New products are launched by McLaren frequently, so please continue to check our website for the current range. If you’d like more information about any genuine part or accessory, or to find out if we have any item in stock, simply contact us at our McLaren Ascot dealership.

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