Replacement tyres explained

A new labelling system for tyres was introduced in November 2012. This system is clear and simple, classifying the performance of each tyre in three categories: fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise emissions. Each label is designed to resemble the ratings used for household appliances, allowing for at-a-glance understanding of performance.


As the only points of contact with the road, the tyres you select for your McLaren noticeably affect the model’s efficiency. Under the new labelling system, every tyre is graded on an A-to-G scale, and the highest-rated tyres could result in a 7.5 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

Wet braking performance

Braking and stopping distances for any vehicle are increased in wet weather, and all motorists must take these conditions into account for safety. With a complete set of A-rated tyres, your stopping distance from 50mph could be decreased by up to 18 metres – protecting you, your McLaren and other road users.

Exterior noise emissions

The noise levels produced by each tyre are displayed in decibels on each new label. The impact of exterior noises can affect the comfort and safety of you and your passengers. Our wide selection allows you to choose quieter tyres for your McLaren, and to maintain the smooth and comfortable driving experience that you expect.

At McLaren Ascot, we provide a number of general, seasonal and specialist tyres. Simply ask us if you need expert advice – one of our representatives will guide you in selecting the most suitable tyres for your vehicle and personal budget. To purchase tyres from Jardine Motors or for further information, please contact us.

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