When city compact cars first emerged, they were efficient and affordable - key criteria that made them appeal to a whole new market of drivers. Over the years, these compact city cars have grown in size, become less efficient and have increased in cost. Toyota has gone back to the start with its latest Kei car and created the new Pixis Joy, featuring fashion-forward styling and a compact form.

This passenger mini vehicle has just launched in Japan and has gone on sale in 211 dealerships across the country (but we hope it’ll head to the UK in the future!) and it has been incredibly well received. Its name derives from the Toyota brand’s desire to deliver joy and fun to the lives of its customers.

It expands the Pixis range, which already includes the Pixis Space wagon, Pixis Mega minivan, Pixis Van, Pixis Truck, and Pixis Epoch hatchback. Daihatsu manufactures the range, a brand recently acquired by Toyota specifically for its small car expertise.

The Pixis Joy’s 660cc engine is highly efficient, driving the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. And all three distinctively-styled trim levels are affordable, too. Pick from a wide variety of bodywork colours and other design features.

The Pixis Joy C has been ruggedly styled with a taller ride height, the Pixis Joy F is more elegant, and the Pixis Joy S has gone for a sportier look. Each of these three designs have unique features, including their own bumpers, rocker panels and wheels. You can even choose to turbocharge your C or F Pixis Joy, but the S is turbocharged as standard. All-wheel drive can be specified, too.

We may not have the Pixis Joy in UK centres, but we do have the nippy, agile AYGO available at Lancaster Toyota. It’s compact, efficient and affordable, just like the brand’s new Japanese Kei car, plus it has plenty of space and all of the latest technology! Contact the team at your nearest Lancaster Toyota to arrange a test drive in the AYGO or another Toyota of your choice.