Toyota RAV4 Hybrid embraces the wild

Polish motoring journalist Michał Sztorc decided to take the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid somewhere a little closer to home than usual to put it to the test; the Tatra Mountains. Less well-known than the Alps, the Tatra Mountains form the highest and most dramatic range within the Carpathian arc, creating a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. National Parks on either side are designated by UNESCO as biosphere reserves to create a beautiful balance between people and nature.

A similar balance can be found in the RAV4 Hybrid; all the impressive power of an SUV, yet the muscular and spacious vehicle finds respect for the environment with its innovative hybrid powertrain. All of Toyota’s hybrid models offer impressive power and enviable style; take a look at the range here at Lancaster Toyota today.

Heading into the mountains, the Michał and his RAV4 planned a four-hour long round trip through some of the most stunning twists and turns. Four hours wasn’t nearly enough to fully put the RAV4 through its paces though, so Michał decided to camp out for two entire days.

The sun shone clear and bright as Michał headed into the mountains, diverting as soon as possible from the main road and onto the meandering path of the Oravica River, towards Zuberec in Slovakia. The RAV4 had a tough time keeping the ride smooth as the road deteriorated, but it wasn’t beaten, and it handled the crater-like potholes with ready determination.

Soon it was back onto smooth roads, but that didn’t mean an easier ride; the twists, turns, rises and falls gave the dynamic chassis a chance to show off, and show off it did. The precise steering, flat cornering characteristics and low-profile tyres made every corner a breeze to drive. Returning from the mountains, the normal roads were somewhat disappointing after the RAV4’s most recent adventure, but that didn’t make it any less pleasing to drive.