In the bustle of everyday life, most of us forget to take time to care for ourselves, and even more so our driving. While rushing to get from one place to the next, it is important to always maintain safe driving habits for the care of yourself, and others around you. Here are a few tips to help keep your driving safe and legal.

Watch your speed

The speed limit often does not reflect the real conditions of the road, and it may be necessary to stay below the limit so that you stay safe. It is important to never assume that the road is safe just because the signs tell you, especially on rural roads where visibility and space is poor.

Drinking and driving don’t mix

Driving after a few drinks is illegal, but even if you are under the limit your judgment will be impaired. It is always safest to arrange other transport if you plan on having a drink, even if you only have one. It is also important to remember that sleeping doesn’t mean you’ll wake up sober, and you could be over the limit for hours after your last drink. Planning ahead doesn’t take much time and ensures peace of mind.

Don’t touch your phone

While talking on a hands-free device is legal, touching your phone screen is not. If you need to get hold of someone and have to look at your phone, pulling into a safe place is a must. The law is there to protect you, not to hinder you.

Seatbelts save lives

Statistically, not wearing a seatbelt doubles your chance of fatal injury in a car crash, so a few seconds of effort can really be a lifesaver. It is also important to remember that passenger safety is the responsibility of the driver, so make sure you always check before you drive, and ensure children are in the right car seat.

Concentration is key

One of the biggest distractions in a car is passengers, particularly for younger drivers. If you feel uncertain, always keep the amount of passengers to a minimum, and don’t be afraid to ask for quiet.

Take a break

Being constantly aware of your surroundings is very tiring, and keeping it up for long periods soon reduces your reactions just as much as drinking does. If you are driving for very long periods of time, you should have a 20 minute break every two and a half hours to keep your concentration up.

Avoid getting stuck in the middle

Most accidents that happen on motorways are caused by drivers blocking up the middle lane. By keeping to the left hand lane as much as possible and using the middle lanes for overtaking, you will not only be safer but reduce congestion too.

Following these simple guidelines will give you a better, calmer driving experience, allowing you to enjoy driving even more. If you are concerned about your car’s safety, or just want to make sure everything is in tip top condition, don’t forget you can get a health check free as a Lancaster customer. So don’t hesitate, get in touch with one of our team today.