A Toyota fanatic in the US has traded his well-loved Tundra in for a new one. The 2016 truck is the 16th Tundra he’s owned. And his 2007 trade-in has travelled more than a million miles.

Victor Sheppard regularly drives from his Louisiana home to North Dakota, Wyoming and Virginia for work, covering over 100,000 miles a year. And his Tundra took on this challenge for nine whole years.

To find out how the 4.0-litre V6-powered Tundra fared over this time, complete with original engine, transmission and paint job, Toyota is going to dismantle and study its components.

Having only had ‘timing belt replacements, oil changes, and the manufacturer’s regularly scheduled check-ups’, as well as the obvious fluid and tyre changes, the Tundra has done staggeringly well to survive so far in such a busy lifetime.

Sheppard said, ‘My truck looks great, and, except for a few little dents, it’s almost like new. Even the seats look just as they were when I bought it. They’re not as clean, of course, but they’re not busted or worn out.’

Driving off from a New Orleans dealership in his new Tundra, courtesy of Toyota, how many miles can Sheppard rack up in his new 2016 Tundra?

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