The Toyota Prius has been breaking boundaries for a long time, and it isn’t going to stop any time soon. In fact, the new Prius is so highly developed, it can now tow a trailer. To show off its new skill, we decided to arm the Prius with a Toyota Accessories towing hitch and wiring kit, and take a trip to the Lake District with some temporary accommodation.

Fitting the towing kit couldn’t be easier; with a simple red/green guide, the green indicators are only displayed when the towing hitch is fixed perfectly and securely. The towing hitch is also detachable from the car, stowing away in a cloth bag that goes in the boot so that the smooth lines of the car remain sleek when not towing.

The towing capacity of the Prius is modest compared to larger vehicles, at 725kg, but this is still plenty to be able to tow small leisure trailers all the way up to pod-style caravans. This is exactly what we decided to test the Prius out with; a 2016 specification T@B 320 RS model with a mass of 650kg. Supplied by the staff at Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Cumbria, the T@B 320 RS has a retro-funk design paired with an innovative interior that is able to offer living and sleeping accommodation, a small kitchen, and plenty of storage space in a compact teardrop shape the same length as a Toyota AYGO.

With both vehicles sporting such sleek, aerodynamic designs, the Prius speeds through the beautiful countryside almost silently, thanks to its ability to glide along on electric power even whilst towing. Don’t just take our word for it though; we captured some glorious footage of the Prius sailing down the smooth country roads for you to check out just how easy it is.

Our destination is the environmentally savvy all-weather site, The Quiet Site, located in the heart of the Lake District National Park, some refer to it as ‘the greenest park in Britain’, a perfect match for the Prius. With many pitches set on staggered terraces, views over Ullswater span for miles, highlighted by the snow-capped mountains in the skyline, for a tranquil atmosphere perfect for sitting back and watching the world go by.

Why not start your own countryside adventure by visiting Lancaster Toyota, find out just how easy it is to get your own towing kit from Toyota Accessories.