Toyota SEMA: 50 years of the Corolla

Celebrating 50 years of the SEMA showcase, as well as the world’s most popular automobile, the Toyota Corolla, Toyota dedicated 2.7 million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention to create the largest ever SEMA showcase.

Dawn Mercer, Toyota USA’s national small car manager, said when taking in the full line-up of Corolla generations at the front of the event: ‘This is a truly special exhibit. To gather all 11 generations in the place at the same time is historical. SEMA inspires imagination and progress in automotive enthusiasts, and looking at the full Corolla story drives it home. This is the perfect occasion and space for this reunion.’

On the main show floor, Toyota set up a display of two classic first-generation models – a mint-condition Corolla two-door Coupé from 1969, and a liveried 1970 Saloon that recently participated in the Great American Race.

Another popular collection was a group of six ‘Extreme’ builds, designed to embody the SEMA spirit of imagination and innovation. These included:

  • A Land Cruiser that had been transformed to be capable of 220mph – likely the world’s fastest!
  • An extreme Sienna with a luxurious interior and numerous Bluetooth controls, including the air suspension.
  • A desert-modified US-model pick-up designed to be showcased in the Great American Off-Road Race.

The SEMA showcase held many more weird and wonderful Toyota creations, and truly highlighted the innovative passion of Toyota enthusiasts, who are the reason that the Toyota range is as amazing as it is today. Have a look at the full range here at Lancaster Toyota, and perhaps you’ll feel inspired too!