Toyota Unveils Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle

President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, has announced the name of the marque’s new fuel-cell saloon in a web video.

Called “Mirai”, the name of Toyota’s new ultra environmentally-friendly vehicle was released the day before the car’s official launch. Mirai, which means ‘future’ in Japanese, signifies a turning point for the entire automotive industry, according to Akio Toyoda. It offers the promise of a world that is safer, greener and easier for everyone.

This innovative new vehicle has the cruising range of a conventional saloon, and it can be refuelled in less than five min
utes. What’s more, it emits only water vapour. In Akio Toyoda’s words: “This is a car that lets you have it all with no compromises.”

The Mirai manages this seemingly miraculous feat through deriving its power from hydrogen that can be made from virtually anything, even waste. It has a fuel cell that creates enough electricity to power a house for about a week.

In the video released on the official Toyota website, Toyoda discusses how, as a test driver, he knew this new fuel-cell vehicle had to be truly fun to drive. He went on to describe the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, which gives it very dynamic handling, as well as its impeccable environmental credentials.

The Mirai has been through millions of miles on the test track and ten years of testing on public roads in freezing cold and scorching heat, to push the vehicle to its limits and beyond. It has passed extensive crash tests to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and other road-users. In addition, Toyota has spent many years working with local governments and researchers around the world to help make sure the Mirai is easy and convenient to refuel.

The Mirai marks a highly significant development for the motor industry, and Toyota leads the way with this cutting-edge new technology. It is difficult to overstate the significance of this step, as it could really mean a motor industry that does not rely on fossil fuels at all.

As Akio Toyoda stated in his video: “The future has arrived. And it’s called Mirai.”

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