An up!-grade – Volkswagen Unveil Second Series of the up! at Geneva Motor Show 2016

Volkswagen have unveiled the second series of their smallest model, the up! at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with changes to the design and the performance from the original model, which has been one of the major successes in the small car market over the past five years.

New Turbo Engine

The 1.0 TSI 3-cylinder turbo engine is the first turbo for the up! and seeks to fuse power with efficiency. The upgrade comes with a more dynamic driving performance, as Volkswagen claim, it will reach 60mph in 10 seconds and will achieve a max speed of 115mph - yet will be able to cover up to 500 miles with a full tank of fuel.

New and Improved Exterior and Interior

The new up! reflects a significant change to the car’s design with freshly designed body panels, wheels, and lights. It appears Volkswagen are allowing for much more individualisation of the up! to add a larger element of fun to the experience by letting customers choose from 13 body colours, three roof colours and ten dashboard designs amongst other modifications. The interior has seen the biggest change with a completely fresh design including new seats and dashpad decors.

Innovative In-Car Technology

Two appealing additions to the new up! are the introduction of smartphone integration and the Beats Audio sound system. Connect your android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth for a fully integrated infotainment system with navigation and other on-board smartphone functionality.

Volkswagen are also offering customers a sound-defined version called “up! beats” which comprises of a 300 W Beats Audio sound system, who are American sound specialists founded by Dr Dre and now offer a wide range of audio equipment including full in-car sound systems. The 8-channel amplifier music system outputs through seven loud speakers that are optimally placed throughout the car’s interior.

The new Volkswagen up! Will be available to buy this summer and Volkswagen will be confident that the extent to which the new model has evolved from the original up! means it can carry on taking the city car market by storm.

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