VW T-Prime Concept SUV Exterior

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Revealed at Beijing Motor Show 2016

Last week, Volkswagen unveiled a brand new premium class SUV concept called the T-Prime Concept GTE at the Beijing motor show 2016.

The T-Prime Concept GTE is designed to offer the very best qualities of a variety of different car types: the agility of a sports car; the space of an estate; the comfort of a saloon car; and most notably, the efficiency of a compact car.

Volkswagen’s new full SUV concept is a plug-in hybrid with four-wheel drive, and emits zero emissions on any terrain when running in E-mode for up to 31 miles. When in GTE mode, the T-Prime Concept offers a power output of 381 PS, resulting in a fully dynamic driving experience. Additionally, the SUV concept’s sporty design and charisma complements the T-Prime’s innovative qualities.

What’s more is that on the inside, the display and control panels are completely digital. The conventional switches in the interior have been replaced by gesture and voice control, touchscreens and touch-sensitive surfaces. The T-Prime is also the world’s first car to feature a Curved Interaction Area, which is a curved infotainment display that blends in with the remaining displays and controls, contributing to a very futuristic cockpit.

Volkswagen’s SUV output does not look like slowing down. The T-Prime Concept GTE comes not long after Volkswagen unveiled the all new Tiguan SUV. And soon to follow in the class above the Tiguan, will also be a new mid-size SUV for China and the USA as well as the next generation Touareg or a vehicle based on the T-Prime Concept GTE.

In the class below the Tiguan, two new SUV model series will also make their debut: in the Golf class there will be an SUV based on the T-ROC concept car. The T-Cross Breeze presented in Geneva in March, on the other hand, gives a glimpse of a future SUV in the Polo class.

Volkswagen also have plans to launch seven new electric and plug-in hybrid models in the Chinese market in the next three to four years, emphasising their commitment to focussing their production efforts on hybrid and electric Volkswagen cars.

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VW T-Prime Concept SUV Interior
VW T-Prime Concept SUV Dashboard