The stunning Ferrari 458 Italia couldn’t be made by anyone else. It is unmistakably Italian, with bold yet smooth exterior styling and a wide stance, made to look all the more imposing thanks to Ferrari’s signature prominent wheel arches and large headlamps.

Step inside this formidable piece of automobile engineering and it becomes clear that every last detail has been carefully crafted. The new Ferrari 458 Italia can be discovered in more detail at Lancaster Ferrari in Essex.


Safety is important in all cars, but it’s particularly important when you own a fast car.

That’s why seatbelt pre-tensioners, ABS brakes, traction control and automatic tyre pressure monitoring come as standard in the 458 Italia.

This is a Ferrari that delivers both speed and peace of mind.


For the new 458 Italia, Ferrari has brought together all its years of motoring and design heritage together into one car. Inside, the 458 Italia is comfortable yet bespoke, filled with stitched leather and carbon fibre, and there’s a perfect balance between luxurious looks and modern technology.

The twin multi-information screens offer a clear and easy-to-use solution to controlling satellite navigation, climate control and the infotainment system, and the dials and buttons are mounted on the steering wheel for simplicity.


The Ferrari 458 Italia does not disappoint in performance, with a top speed of 202mph and impressive acceleration of 0-60mph takes just 3.4 seconds, thanks to the 4,499cc V8 engine.

The overall driving experience is one of fluidity and refinement – it's taken years of forward-thinking design, technological advancement and fine tuning to produce this prestigious, sleek and spectacular piece of modern motoring history.

Vehicle length 4526 mm / 178.2 in
Vehicle width 1938 mm / 76.3 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1213 mm / 47.8 in
Wheelbase 2649 mm / 104.3 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1380 kg / 3042 lb
Engine / Cylinders V8
Max Torque 398 lb ft @ 6000 rpm
Max Power 419 kW @ 9000 rpm
Top Speed 202 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph / 3.4 sec
Combined Cycle 20.6 mpg
CO2 207 g/km