Ferraris are universally considered special cars, synonymous with mechanical excellence and cutting edge technology, devoted to the pursuit of maximum performance.

All this of course implies special safeguards and care, so that the unique characteristics that distinguish the car remain unchanged over time.

Two key parameters with great impact on performance, reliability and road safety are correct maintenance and compliance with the strict dictates set by Ferrari. These standards of excellence can only be respected through state of the art maintenance at authorised Classiche Workshops, at Maranello and at the ones soon due to open around the world.

Here, all Prancing Horse cars find the specialists, know-how and equipment needed for state of the art maintenance, so as to increase their value and worth in full compliance with the parameters set by the parent company.

The cars analysed receive the Classiche Workshops “maintenance manual”, which contains a record of the perfect state of the mechanics and body, and the vehicle’s conformity to the information in the Certificate of Authenticity. These parameters are reassessed over time through careful annual checks.

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