Spare Parts Service​

The Classiche certification process includes a technical examination of the originality of the various mechanical components, the determining factor as to the car’s authenticity. Any parts that do not correspond to the original specifications are replaced with spare parts offered by Ferrari and its official partners, to restore the car to its pristine condition. The service is not limited to the most common spare parts. If necessary Ferrari Classiche can create castings identical to the originals and also provide structural parts. With the help of strict quality controls and the ability to identify the design of all models in the historical archives, a classic car will maintain the same performance and level of safety.


The restoration of a historic Ferrari is a complex operation that can only be performed at Maranello and, soon, at the company’s new Classiche Workshops. The complexity arises from a very particular design philosophy. Since the early days Ferrari has cut no corners in designing a car’s components in order to achieve performance excellence. By virtue of this approach, the mechanical parts have always benefited from cutting-edge designs and futuristic solutions, just as the engine and body have always been built with special materials.

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