At Jardine MINI, our extensive range of fleet and business cars includes a variety of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models, making it easier than ever for your business to go electric.


As a fleet manager, you may need to consider whether electric vehicles fit into your company’s management processes, fleet policy and budget. You may also need to establish whether going electric will provide long-term cost-saving benefits to the running of your fleet. That is where our Fleet and Business EV experts at Jardine MINI are able to help:

Although electric vehicles initially may seem a more expensive option, generous BIK tax advantages for company car drivers, reduced Class 1A National Insurance Contributions and reduced TCO could mean that EVs are a more financially attractive proposition than you may have previously thought.

The BIK tax advantages for company car drivers could lead to business savings from reduced national insurance contributions. Other savings could also be realised from charging costs, as well as potential exemption from congestion zone fees.​

In addition to the potential financial savings, there are also other benefits of switching to electric to consider:

Fewer moving parts means that servicing, maintaining and repairing your electric fleet vehicles may be cheaper, less frequent and easier to manage for your business. It may also mean less downtime for your drivers.​

Many large cities outside of London are planning to introduce their own congestion or exclusion zones, where EVs could benefit from further exemptions and discounts.

Our team of EV experts at Jardine MINI are here to help and support you in your search for an electric vehicle, by providing information and answering any questions you may have.