Tyre quality is a major factor when considering performance, safety and efficiency; it is as important as the engine and transmission where these issues are concerned. Having a matching set of quality tyres that are of the correct size and type for the model of car is of utmost importance, as well as being a legal requirement.

The minimum tyre tread depth for legal road operation in the UK is 1.6mm across three-quarters of the width and around the entire circumference of the tyre. At Jardine Motors, we take your safety seriously. For this reason, we will check your tyres when you visit, but we also encourage you to regularly check them yourself and ensure they are up to standard. At Jardine Motors, our team will advise you as to the best time for you to change your tyres, according to the model and your driving style.

Road conditions, especially in the UK, are highly variable, but our selection of general, specialist and winter tyres are up to the task. Just contact or visit us to consult with our specialists and find the best fit for your MINI.

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