Winter tyres

Winter tyres, unlike most general or specialist tyres, are specifically designed to cope with the hazardous driving conditions and low temperatures that arrive with the winter months. They are built to withstand harsh weather and are much more durable, continuing to perform even in low temperatures. Fitted correctly by our expert teams, winter tyres can potentially outlast any set of standard tyres.

When exposed to low temperatures, regular tyres harden significantly, losing grip and lessening their effectiveness. The construction of winter tyres, using additional natural rubber and enhanced silica, enables them to perform considerably better, even in the worst conditions.

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has verified the positive effects of winter tyres. Conducting stringent tests, it has established that, when temperatures reach seven degrees or less, winter tyres can help you to stop up to 11 metres sooner from 20 mph on icy roads. They can also lessen your wet braking distance by up to one car’s length from 60mph.

If you would like to fit a set of winter tyres on your MINI or would like some more information on our range, please call or visit your nearest Jardine Motors retailer.

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