Replacement tyres explained

Tyres are an important factor when considering your MINI’s performance and the easiest way to improve both performance and safety. Having your tyres suitably match your car and your driving style is of the utmost importance.

A labelling system has been introduced to help you identify the most suitable tyre. A rating system ranging from A-to-G is used to identify the performance of the tyres in three key areas: efficiency, wet braking, and exterior noise emissions.


Your choice of tyre effects the fuel economy and carbon emissions of your car, even more so than your driving and engine efficiency. For this reason, it is important you choose the most suitable tyres for your MINI, not only saving yourself money but the environment as well. The efficiency of your tyre is clearly represented by the A-to-G labelling system.

Wet braking performance

Wet conditions have a considerable effect on both stopping times and distances, due to the negative impact water has on brakes and tyres. Having a full set of A-grade tyres can go a long way to helping, potentially reducing your braking distance by up to 18 metres from 50mph.

Exterior noise emissions

Noise levels are measured in decibels – the higher the decibel number, the more noise being made. This noise can be reduced by fitting a set of tyres with a low decibel number on the label, and will contribute to the enjoyment of both you and your passengers while riding in your car.

Our team at Jardine Motors will help you choose the most suitably rated and suitably priced set of tyres for your model. Please call or visit us to learn more.

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